Tuesday, December 07, 2010

the wild hunt

today i have been doodling.
working towards a piece on a round slab of sandstone i found.
i decided on the wild hunt and wanted to do something simple and cartoony.
from wikipedia-

The Wild Hunt is an ancient folk myth prevalent across Northern, Western and Central Europe.[1] The fundamental premise in all instances is the same: a phantasmal group of huntsmen with the accoutrements of hunting, horses, hounds, etc., in mad pursuit across the skies or along the ground, or just above it.

and i decided on the herne the hunter deer-headed look.

so i did the doodle then the stencil to lay down on the stone so i can work to the pattern easily.
the main figure will be raised up from the stone and the dark figures will be raised too but only have minor detail on them.the background will be dropped back into the slab.
i was kind of thinking how the high-crosses were done when i was doodling so that is why it is so simple. also, i'm thinking of working at speed so simplicity is a necessity.
after all that i played with the hunters left from cutting the stencil a bit and the last pic happened.

more soon.

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