Wednesday, April 20, 2011

skip diving!

over the past two days i have found some awesome stuff in skips on my street and other stuff that was being junked that i saved. loads of random wood which will mostly be used for fixing up the allotment. or be burnt as firewood. i also got the readymade tabletops from a small table set so an hour adding legs and we have a nice patio area. but by far the best stuff i have found was a watering can that needs a rose but our garden watering can has the same rose so now we don't have to carry the whole can back and forth to the allotment and i'm sure to pick a rose up somewhere. also found a rake that was a little out of shape, now fixed with a hammer. and as good as new but man forged so even better now! RAARRR! and the bestest bestestest thing? a whole picnic box that was left out in the dry weather for a few days after having never been used and lying dormant in a shed. it has knives and forks and spoons and a cheese board with cheesknife and a corkscrew as well as a set of four plates and four wine glasses not to mention the cooler-box for up to four bottles/plenty of food and the dry food area too! did i mention that it was all wrapped up like new? awesome thing! can't wait for picnics! all going in the wash right now.
i do have a sneaking suspicion i'm on the road to this!!!(check out the video below)

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